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Helping Women in Transition

OpenWindows is a program we created to inspire women in transition. Specifically, women transitioning out of sex trafficking rehabilitation facilities and domestic violence safe houses into a space they can call home. Each woman moving into a new and safe space will receive a free inspirational window for her home and support to get her space set up to establish a new view.   

When a door closes - OPEN A WINDOW!

This program is about a simple, yet powerful, way of helping others discover possibilities in times of great trouble.  When part of the sisterhood encounters an incident that is so severe, so drastic and shocking that it changes her life forever, we are committed to leaning in with an OpenWindow to help her see beyond...and know that the best is yet to be (Robert Browning). 

If you know anyone recycling windows, please encourage them to contact us to donate or sell them to OpenWindows. We will pick them up in any condition and take it from there.  

Note: The upscaling process involves recycled windows and environmentally responsible materials. See below for other ways to get involved.   

Sample Windows

She is Strong

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart


The patina on a pre-loved window is one-of-a-kind, just like each woman who receives one. This is an example of a purely inspirational window that is interesting and meaningful decor in any space. 

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart


A simple and beautiful combination of RUSTIC & Refined, this window provides inspiration and is a dry-erase board. It can hang on a decorative chain or hidden wire. 

Functional Beauty

Follow Your Heart

Functional Beauty

We donated this multi-functional window to a silent auction for a sister in need this past weekend.

This pretty bulletin and dry erase board was donated to a silent auction for a sister in need. The buttons are tacs!



Functional Beauty


This window is fun, AND multi-functional with whiteboard for inspiration, chalkboards for list making or menu planning and bulletin board for photos or receipts (flowers are tacs).

Custom Windows


Custom Windows


Windows are recycled and upscaled to be inspiring AND functional. The dry-erase feature allows for changing function and messaging. Here are just some ideas for functional use:

Daily Inspiration/Reminders

Vision Board - individual/couples

Menu Planning - shopping list

Calendar - weekly or monthly

Family Goals or Rules

Goal Setting & Tracking

Team Commitments

Lists of ANY kind

Support OpenWindows

100% of monetary donations go directly toward purchasing recycled windows and upscaling them for special inspiration. 

Your support and contributions will help fund our mission.  

RUSTIC & Refined will donate 15% of all sales to OpenWindows.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Ways to Get Involved


Book us to Speak at your Event

My background as a professional speaker and corporate trainer helps make this possible. I've spent years leading countless group learning events and other important programs and speaking engagements. I'd love to speak about this cause, share impactful stories and inspire others to lean in and create space. Of course, this message can be fully customized to fit the objectives of the event. Contact us to discuss your event!

Goddess Gatherings

Women gather EVERYWHERE!   I call these events 'Goddess Gatherings'  

My own hometown tribes 'The 80's Ladies' and 'Pretty Girls Who Don't Read' (yes, really-lol) are an amazing support system.  We gather monthly and whenever one of us has a need for special support. If your group is gathering, and wants to give back in a fun way, contact us to MAKE WINDOWS!  

We will bring the guidance and our mobile boutique 'Rusty' with all of the supplies - you provide the sisterhood, space and special beverages!  

Mobile Boutique

Our occasional boutique truck - Rusty - can show up for ANY type of gathering. We donate 15% of all sales to the OpenWindows program. Contact use to plan your event!

Provide Artistic Talent

If you are an artist willing to donate a simple painting (scenery, birds, etc.) for display in a window, please reach out to us. We want to have a wide variety of inspiration!  Windows come in all shapes and sizes, so we will provide you with dimensions for your work and coordinate the transfer.  You'll receive pictures of the finished window and the story of the women who receives it.

Display a Window in your Business

Display a window we provide in your place of business to promote and support OpenWindows.  This helps us continue to create awareness and gather recycled windows.

Follow Us

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  We will be using these platforms, along with this website, to sponsor home decor giveaways and test fun products!  Watch for our 'Words of Windows' inspirational card deck and the Guide to Goddess Gatherings coming soon. The possibilities are endless - just like a new view with women in transition.  OPEN that window!



Inspiring Others to Rise

We have all been slapped in the face by life - some harder than others.  I'm not one to focus on my 'bag of rocks', yet I have personally experienced the kind of severe and shocking trauma that changes you forever. The birth of this program is how I RISE. 

A favorite author (Glennon Doyle) says - 'First the pain, then the waiting, ...and then the RISING.'   

This program is about helping Women RISE.  Raise the windows ladies because there is ALWAYS a new view when you're ready. Many women in my life have had to RISE from a crisis - I'm proud to say that my tribe and I are scrappy! Great things happen when we work together to help each other see a new view and find the courage and strength to make it happen. 

OpenWindows extends the first hand, helps with setting up new spaces and inspires other to RISE.