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Love Your Rustic & Refined Lifestyle!

Love Your Rustic & Refined Lifestyle!

Love Your Rustic & Refined Lifestyle! Love Your Rustic & Refined Lifestyle! Love Your Rustic & Refined Lifestyle!

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The Story


The Backstory

I grew up surrounded by nature and animals on a rustic and magical hobby farm built by my Dad in the Midwest... an adult, my entrepreneurial spirit has been full force as a professional speaker and instructional designer helping people learn and grow in Corporate America for 25+ years. This work has served up endless opportunities to connect with unforgettable people, who have become cherished friends, in destinations around the world! 

Always up for adventure, I've slathered myself in mud and soaked in the Dead Sea, climbed Ayers Rock, backpacked up Machu Picchu, and trekked the Great Wall of China. I've ridden a rickshaw to the Taj Mahal and camels in Jordan. I have always loved 'treasure hunting' in street markets around the world to find creative pieces that enhance any space and tell a story.  

Work and play, my entire life has been both RUSTIC and Refined (R2).  It’s a lifestyle!

My story has always included a personal passion for blending the two to design inspiring living and work spaces. I believe that the energy we surround ourselves with at home and work matters. This explains my irresistible draw to texture, color, wood, fabrics and all things with great energy. Helping people transform meaningful space is my greatest love and I'm beyond excited to share it with you.



Note: All photos on this site are spaces I have created for myself or others.   


The Influencers

My Mom (Betty) was the constant 'home-maker' in my life. A stickler for organization and multi-functional items, she knew how to maximize a small space for a family of six on a tight budget. Many pieces we feature will be multi-purpose and space-saving solutions. Mom's style was generally more refined than rustic. She is no longer with us, but her influence and great style lives on!  

Enter my Dad (Roger) - together they were the image of RUSTIC and Refined - he is a historian drawn to pre-loved items with a creative flair for seeing 'what something IS' AND 'what it COULD be'. Dad and I built my own bed together out of cedar siding from the house I grew up in. This beautiful wood also rests on a wall in one bathroom and the ceiling of another in my home (photos) - a great example of the subtle integration of sentiment and rustic into a new space. 


The Sister Story

My beautiful sister (Cindi) and I spend hours discussing creative selections and solutions. Our parents influence, along with our German and Norweigen heritage, have created a natural passion for organization, asthetics and creativity. Cindi will be occasionally involved in events, and you'll see her tips and ideas on the blog along with mine. She is also both RUSTIC and Refined.  A licensed therapist (MSW, LICSW) by day, and mother of young children, she is a master at practicality and creating functional, kid-friendly spaces.